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Dear 2021 - Time to Grow - 16th December

Dear 2021 is the 3rd workshop of this kind. Katerina will be guiding you through closing 2020 & setting 2021 up for an empowering year with: 💥Manifesting Meditations 💥Clearing Blockages 💥Dream Boards 💥Techniques for letting go 💥RombiPuzzle & how a puzzle a day can change your life And more
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Dear 2021 - Time to Grow - 16th December

Time & Location

16 dhj 2020, 10:00 e paradites – 2:30 e pasdites, GMT
Online Zoom

About the Event

2020 was a year of clarity and that was definitely written into its experience. It's not been the easiest year, with many challenges, limitations and restrictions placed upon many, and the collective conciousness. 

2021 in numerology terms is the number 5, which is set with the energy of creating turning points and freedom from restrictions imposed during the 4 Year (2020). Travel for pleasure, adventure or additional education might be part of the overall picture this year, so wiping the slate clean and starting fresh, will make more of these possibilities increased into 2021.

With this enlightening year drawing to an end, you may be ready to let the junk go and find a way to be more in your power, truth and compassion, more than ever before, so if that's the case, then this workshop is for you!

Who is this event for? The adventurers, explorer's, the doer's, the giver's, the ones who want to be a part of change much greater than they have previously permitted.

For beings who want a greater, happier and more empowering life experiences. People who are wanting to make a difference in the world but might be feeling stuck, uncomfortable but are ready to move forward and help others too.

The Dear Year workshops are designed to:

🤩 Help you move from the year that you've had, into the year that you want. 

🤩 Identify what's holding you back and how to move  forward

🤩 Clear any blocks with the ThetaHealing(TM) Technique 

🤩 Provide you with life transforming skills for when you leave the event 

🤩 Move into your power so that you can be, do and have what you want, instead of what you don't want! 

So don't wait any more to be in your light! We've been waiting for you to shine, so come along and join our transformative workshop! 

**Please note this event is non-refundable** 

All Purchases include a Rombi Puzzle 

And a donation to the Nourish The Children Initiative

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