Really. Simply. You. is a concept, a way of living and a space that brings a combination of holistic approaches together in one place.  Katerina, the founder of this concept is an Advanced ThetaHealer & offers ThetaHealing(R) & Life Coaching Sessions.

Katerina has helped people with all types of challenges, from Terminal Illnesses, Mental Health Challenges, Business Blocks, Relationship Issues, Sexual Health & fertility challenges.


Since 2018 during her pregnancy, Katerina began to attract clients who had challenges in getting pregnant and or manifesting, since then she has helped 16 Women and their partners have babies, Countless entrepreneurs make millions of £'s and $'s and many wonderful people tick off life long dreams and goals.

Katerina enables you to go beyond your limitations in a Private and Safe space. She also works with celebrities and high profile personnel, so you can rest assure that she will look after you with due care and attention. Katerina's innate ability to see everyone on a level playing, means that she has the ability to see who you are and not who you think you are.

She provides bespoke packages which begin from £222 a session or from £1000 for packages.

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